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PnlBnb aims to provide Airbnb and VRBO hosts with a simple and intuitive platform to track their revenue and expenses effectively. The goal is to streamline financial management, save time, and improve profitability for short-term rental hosts. 

Pnl Bnb

Technical Details

  • Platform: Web-based application accessible through any device with a web browser.
  • Technology Stack: Built using a modern tech stack (e.g., React, Node.js) for a secure, reliable, and scalable application.
  • Data Security: Implements industry-standard security measures to protect user financial data.

Design and Development Approach

Built with simplicity and efficiency in mind, PnlBnb utilizes a user-centered design that caters to hosts of all technical backgrounds. We focused on creating an intuitive interface with clear navigation and essential features readily accessible. 
To minimize manual data entry, seamless integration with Airbnb and VRBO APIs automatically retrieves booking and transaction information, saving you precious time. Additionally, automated calculations handle complex financial metrics like profit and loss, providing accurate insights without additional effort.


PnlBnb helps short-term rental hosts manage finances. Precisely track varied rental income like fees, cleaning charges, and deposits. Effectively manage all expenses – maintenance, supplies, utilities, taxes. Gain financial insights through interactive charts showing profit margins, and occupancy rates. Simplify taxes with summarized reports. Enable financing and centralized multi-property management to easily oversee and optimize your rental portfolio.

Outcomes and Impact

PnlBnb empowers hosts to take control of finances and make informed business decisions through automated tracking, accurate financial data, and data-driven insights that optimize pricing, identify cost savings, and maximize profitability. This allows hosts to focus on providing exceptional guest experiences and easily grow their short-term rental business.