About Dextersol

Dextersol ensures clients have complete knowledge and understanding before starting any project

Dextersol is a high-quality and creative web development company. Founded in 2019, we are leaders in delivering excellent and world-class web-based solutions for small to large businesses. When we’ve completed research and study, we’ll build a proper plan to operate on your website. 

Our main goal is to deliver ideal delivery and customer satisfaction that is achieved not only by technical capabilities but it’s the product of decades of learning skills and closely associating with customers to optimize investment in their online business efforts.

We deliver dynamic digital strategies to small San Diego businesses with our results-driven website design agency. Increasing your business online has become increasingly important in the current digital age, when every digital footprint can be traced.  

The first few years of starting a business are financially challenging and you have limited resources. We can help you with that. Don’t make large investments! Our low-cost marketing packages will help you save money and grow your business online.

Residents and businesses in San Diego have a wealth of opportunities to improve their lives through technology. The San Diegans have embraced digital solutions for all aspects of their lives, from online shopping to banking to finding parking to navigating the city. Thus, businesses must shift online by establishing an online presence.

The best services for digital presence in San Diego, California We take great pride in producing responsive, user-friendly designs that enhance website engagement and responsiveness. To help our clients with their online initiatives, we carefully choose engineers, designers, and marketing executives for inclusion in our ideal group. We make every effort to seize any fresh chance and apply it to advance general development processes.

Custom web development services

We Are Web Development Expert

DexterSol has a unique, close-knit team from strategy to creativity to technology.
We are a recognized leader in developing businesses on digital platforms, and we ensure smooth development and execution for each of our clients.
We offer a unique set of skills and years of industry experience when it comes to our professional web developers. Whatever your project may be, you can be sure that we will deliver custom web solutions that meet your long-term strategic goals.

Drive Results with Our Exceptional Web Services

It is our goal at our web design and development company to combine creativity with technical expertise in order to deliver customized solutions that meet the needs of each and every client. We help businesses establish a strong online presence and achieve their goals by focusing on local SEO, web development, and design, helping them establishes a great online presence.

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Empower startups with web design services San Diego

We Help To Empower Startups

At DexterSol, we believe that every small business or startup deserves quality app development as big brands to kick start their vision. We are on a mission to showcase how websites can not only do good in the world but solve problems through technology. 
We understand that time is a valuable asset for any business, and we strive to create apps that are simple, intuitive, and user-friendly. Our websites are designed with the user in mind, making it easy for them to use and get the most out of their investment.

Our Values


Our goal is to become specialists rather than generalists in our work. Every time we work on a new project, our goal is to set the highest benchmark possible. Keeping an environment of competition within the organization helps us maintain a high level of productivity.

Work Ethics

Our team gives its best effort and expects high performance. Our team is organized, proactive, and we work with urgency. To maintain a healthy work-life balance, we work hard during business hours and prioritize our personal time off.

Integrity is key

We all act by certain deep-seated rules of morality and ethics that are above all personal gains. Transparency and integrity are badges of honor for our team. It is never a problem for us to go the extra mile to satisfy any particular requirement of our customers.

Think Bigger

We have a strong commitment to continuous improvement and firmly believe that better never ends! Taking the easy way out is not an option for us. The ability to embrace change, adapt to features, and overcome it is our strength. Let’s make it successful together!

Value Transfer

Value Transfer web development refers to the creation and implementation of online platforms that facilitate the transfer of value between individuals or entities. We designed to integrate various features, such as payment gateways, and secure authentication.

Never Stop Learning

The opportunity to learn and explore comes with every new challenge. To provide better guidance to our clients, we share our newly acquired knowledge with them once we have overcome the problem. We always learn every new trend that comes to the market.

Our Team

Dextersol's founder

Abdullah Afzal

Dextersol’s founder

Meet Abdullah Afzal, the pioneer behind Dextersol. With a profound passion for innovation and years of expertise, Abdullah Afzal founded Dextersol with a bold vision to transform businesses through cutting-edge technology solutions.

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Sheheryar Chaudhary 

Chief Executive Officer

Meet Sheheryar, the visionary leader, steering the ship toward digital excellence. As the Chief Executive Officer of DexterSol, Sheheryar brings a wealth of experience and a passion for cutting-edge web development and design.

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Deborah Goodman

Director of Sales and Marketing

Meet our dynamic Director of Sales and Marketing, Deborah Goodman, who spearheads our strategic initiatives in driving growth and expanding our market presence with a wealth of experience in Cloud Computing and SaaS, Big Data Analytics, E-commerce, and Retail.


Ariel Herrera

Technology Developer
Ariel Herrera, our technology developer, leading technical solutions team and overseeing technical roadmap strategy for high-growth software companies. At DexterSol she heads R&D vision and agile development.
Justin Wright 1

Justin Wright

Business Development Manager
Meet Justin Wright, our dynamic business developer at Dextersol. With his strategic competence and passion for innovation, Justin drives our growth, forging meaningful partnerships and unlocking new opportunities in the ever-evolving IT landscape.
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Usman Shafique

Marketing Director

Meet Usman Shafique, our esteemed Marketing Director at Dextersol. Renowned for his expertise in SEO and digital marketing, Usman crafts innovative strategies to thrust our brand forward.

Nico Hamann 1

Nico Hamann

Fintech Specialist

Introducing Nico Hamann, our fintech enthusiast and founder of Finqube. With expertise in simplifying financial data, Nico leads fintech projects with finesse, ensuring innovation and efficiency in every venture.

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Barbara Vedri

With a wealth of experience in user interface and experience design, she spearheads her team towards creating captivating digital experiences

Larisa Ozeryansky 1

Larisa Ozeryansky 

Business Analyst

Meet Larisa Ozeryansky, our adept Business Analyst at Dextersol. With her strategic acumen and customer-centric approach, Larisa drives our business analysis initiatives. She brings invaluable expertise to our projects, focusing on health initiatives.