NLP Services

Where Data Understanding Meets Human Connection

DexterSol provides custom natural language processing (NLP) systems to extract meaning, context and desired actions from unstructured text data.


Our NLP services empower businesses through human-level comprehension capabilities that enhance customer experience and streamline text analysis needs.

Whether engaging directly with consumers through chat platforms or managing volumes of documentation, NLP allows software systems to parse language like a human. This facilitates efficient text processing for improved decision-making, automation opportunities, and personalized engagement.  

Our NLP consulting team first analyzes unique business challenges involving voice, written or visual data. We determine ideal integration points for language technology within existing platforms. Next, we develop customized NLP solutions using appropriate techniques like machine learning, neural networks, deep learning, and AI that provide targeted capabilities.

Core NLP Services 

DexterSol configures NLP specifically to business goals across:

Enhance self-service abilities with intelligent conversational interfaces that understand queries and provide relevant, contextual responses through chat or voice interaction.
Text/Data Analytics
Text/Data Analytics
Structure messy text data by extracting keywords, concepts, entities and sentiment for searchability, trend analysis and enhanced reporting
Document Processing
Document Processing
Automate the ingestion, classification, sorting and extraction of information from large volumes of documents based on NLP-generated metadata tags.
Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition
Allow software systems to accurately transcribe the human voice into machine-readable text for streamlined information flows.

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Contextual analysis

Understand text relative to contextual cues

Intent recognition

Identify intended user goals and desired actions within text or speech.

Entity recognition 

Extract and categorize discrete data components mentioned in documents or discussions.

Sentiment analysis

Determine emotional tone as positive, negative or neutral within passages

Topic analysis

Automatically cluster documents by related subjects or conceptual threads

Language generation 

Create natural-sounding written or verbal responses tailored to users.

NLP Use Cases

NLP injects human-like comprehension into software applications across every industry serving use cases like:

  • Gather shopper feedback through retail chatbots with contextual NLP interactions. 
  • Assist healthcare administration by rapidly processing and categorizing patient health records based on NLP-extracted metadata.
  • Improve order accuracy for logistics firms by adding NLP address processing that structures messy mailing location text into standard formats.  
  • Build mobile travel companions that suggest personalized recommendations for trip itineraries through NLP-powered chat interfaces.
  • Accelerate legal document discovery phases by using NLP techniques like sentiment analysis, entity extraction and conceptual topic clustering to classify texts rapidly.   
  • Empower financial organizations to monitor market trends, public sentiment shifts, and regulatory changes by ingesting NLP-processed external financial texts and news data.
  • Efficiently grade student essay responses leveraging NLP algorithms that evaluate passage coherence, argument quality, and contextual alignment to assignment prompts.
  • Add multilingual NLP chat functionality to websites, allowing international customers to engage brands in native languages. 

Get Started with a Consultation 

No matter your industry or specific language-driven business obstacle, DexterSol provides customized NLP solutions tailored to enhance systems through intuitive human-text interaction. Contact our NLP experts for a complimentary consultation outlining compliance-proof options that transform how your business derives value from plaintext data sources. Invest in NLP today and unlock software that understands language and humans!