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We have a team of Web Developers with a wide range of capabilities across the most cutting-edge technologies. We plan out our web development projects in a way that ensures the best user experience. We work closely with our technical project managers and developers to keep your customers engaged. We work together with the UX and UI teams to ensure that we adhere to the best practices when it comes to the user experience.  

Our Development Process

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Share Your Idea

Share your thoughts and ideas for consultation with our experts.


Select Technology

Decide what technology you want in your product.


Creating beautiful and unmatched designs for your product.


Map the idea into coding to create a compelling web.


Launching your product and keeping proper maintenance.
Custom web development services

Why Our Web Development Services?

The design and development of an effective, responsive website requires expert knowledge.

If you don’t have the time or the skill set to develop and design your website, we can help. The website design services we offer at our web design & development agency are extensive and affordable.

  • High-quality design
  • Visually appealing
  • High-Performance
  • No fluff content
  • 24/7 Support

Web Solutions We Offer

We provide web development services to help create various web-based applications and ensure a great web experience. Web solutions may appear similar from the outside, but we approach them differently and know what factors win in each case.

The term “web development” encompasses a wide range of services, including making websites and web apps, offering cybersecurity solutions, designing user interfaces and user experience, building e-commerce websites, testing and maintaining them, and even creating a custom content management system.

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Web Services


We will plan all functional components and choose optimal technologies to ensure that the business logic to be implemented is feasible and complete. Furthermore, we will map all API connections within and outside of the web solution. We will also identify any potential risks and vulnerabilities. Finally, we will develop a plan to mitigate any potential risks.

Front-End Development

Our frontend frameworks of choice include React, Material UI, Bootstrap, CSS, and Tailwind to construct your product’s surface layer. We leverage the latest technologies, such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and many others, to create interactive and visually appealing websites. We also focus on performance optimization to ensure a seamless user experience.


Back-End Development

For prototyping and development, we use Flask, Django, Django RestFramework, Node, JavaScript, Ajax, Scheduling jobs with, Django Celery, and Cron Jobs. Moreover, we use server-side technologies to create scalable and fast web applications. Our developers have experience in creating secure applications utilizing the latest security protocols.

Full Stack Development

Our web development services combine frontend and backend solutions, as well as other technologies necessary to make your product successful. Our developers are well-versed in the latest coding languages and frameworks, allowing us to create robust and secure applications. We make sure that the final project that we deliver must be error-free.  


Databases play a crucial role in web development services. They are essential for storing, retrieving, and managing data for web applications. Our team is proficient in working with various database management systems, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, and Firebase. We ensure that the databases we design and implement are efficient! 

Web Apps

We provide solutions for the efficient management of various business activities at DexterSol. To ensure a seamless operation, we apply smart automation to streamline workflows and integrate corporate apps with React Native.  Our web apps are designed to optimize your operations and increase the efficiency of your workforce.

Web Portals

Since 2019, DexterSol has been creating web portals for a variety of audiences, including customers, business partners, e-commerce users, vendors, and interest-based communities. Users can get up-to-date information and assistance from the web portals we create.  Our web portals are secure, reliable, and easy to use for your customers! 


Integrating your web app with corporate or third-party systems and services is our specialty. The integration of apps ensures that data is synchronized across all systems immediately. This allows for a secure transfer of data, increased efficiency, and improved customer service.  Additionally, our web apps also provide access to real-time data.

Testing and QA

You can trust us to deliver a web solution that will work flawlessly, work quickly, be user-friendly, and be secure. It is the responsibility of our team of skilled testing engineers to make such promises. We use the latest testing tools and techniques to ensure the app is bug-free. Our engineers also provide continuous support and maintenance services.

Ensure The Success Of Your Web Development Project With Our Proven Process
Creating web-based solutions for complex projects requires our web development team to pay attention to every detail. We have delivered over 350 projects at DexterSol, so we know what it takes to develop seamless web-based software.

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